Woman suffers mortifying fail on camera while trying to enjoy a crème brûlée

Being filmed while eating a dessert can pose a problem for even the most gracious of us.

The risk of dropping a bit or spilling some on your top is enough for most of us to avoid that scenario.

But one woman’s attempt to show off her coffee crème brûlée went viral after it went very, very wrong.

People were left in stitches after Cari Berrios shared what happened when she tried to tuck into the classic French pudding.

The dinner party staple has had a modern revamp with Cari opting for a coffee topped with a caramelised burnt sugar topping.

But it seems like the topping was just a little too thick – leading to a very unfortunate situation.

She shared a video of herself poking the caramel with a spoon before it sudenly cracks and coffee goes everywhere.

Her entire top was splattered along with the table and even the restaurant wall.

She shared a video of the unfortunate incident on TikTok two days ago where it has been viewed nearly 13.4million times.

She captioned the hilarious clip “Poke it hard they said……”

Thousands of people were left in stitches by the clip, with one person commenting: “She’s laying against the wall like she’s been shot.”

Another joked: “I am still in shock after watching this 20 times.”

“Looks like that gave you PTSD – post trauma splash disorder,” another quipped.

Many felt this summed up the turbulent nature of this year, with one person commenting: “If 2020 was a coffee.”

Another added: “I just know that feeling of hopelessness.”

The video has racked up an impressive 1.7million likes and 14,000 comments since it was shared two days ago.

Meanwhile, one woman’s ingenious method of beating the pub curfew has gone viral on TikTok.

University student Courtney showed how she can tuck two cocktails, filled to the brim, under her top.

The clip, captioned “If I can’t finish my drink by 10 then it’s coming with me”, has been viewed more than 1.3 million times and led to some incredible praise.

One fan commented: “HOW!!! This is like the clown cars that are just never ending.”

A second asked: “How did it not spill, pure talent,” while another joked: “Definitely needs putting on your CV, not sure what as lol but that’s a skill.”